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Controlling Your Narrative means creating and driving exact messages you want to communicate to your target audiences.  Without a strategically-controlled message you are bringing risk to your company, your reputation, and your future because you are allowing outsiders to speak for you and direct public perception. AdlerBrinkley is a trusted and expert partner in working to create and control on-message narratives to secure positioning in the media, the market, and in a crisis.


Here's how we do it:

Reputation Management

Ethical Best Practices
Keep Current

You are only as good as your reputation - in real time.  This means your company and your top-level executives are always vulnerable to an issue becoming an online reputation crisis,  putting your brand capital at risk.  It's far more difficult to clean up a bad reputation than it is to establish a good one. Through ethical best practices we create multi-layered online public relations outreach campaigns to promote and manage your reputation through proactive, strategic engagement.  We also work with you to get ahead of potential crisis by assessing reputational risks and creating plans of protection measures. 


Social Media Brand Building

Use Authentic Voice
Actively Engage
We are digital citizens in a social media world, and your employees, clients, customers and partners are your brand ambassadors.  The success of social media campaigns is entirely dependent on your narrative and its outreach strategy.  You may have a million followers, likes and viewers, but if your narrative isn't clearly defined and communicated through a brand-focus authentic voice then you will not produce resounding results - wasting productivity time, employee time and market reach. AdlerBrinkley creates newsworthy social media campaigns that drive your brand narrative and actively engage your audience, inspiring a loyal following with resonating buy-in power.  




Crisis Communications

Truth without Over-communicating

Harness Transparency

Every company, organization and public person is vulnerable to a crisis.  Most often your reputation and future credibility is decided by how a crisis is handled internally, externally and in the media.  AdlerBrinkley is exceptionally experienced in shepherding a crisis into an opportunity.  The key elements of controlling your narrative in a crisis -- telling the truth without over-communicating and knowing how to harness transparency -- is what we do best.  We work with your team to create a controlled narrative and then implement it through all communications, with partners and the media.  Our always-on rapid response crisis management team provides strategic and immediate assessment and action.  We also focus on post-crisis impact, reputation restoration and comprehensive strategies to mitigate future risk.

Media Relations

Leverage Powerful Platforms
Influence the Influencers

Strong relationships with editors, producers and reporters are imperative to effectively garner the power of the media to deliver consistent and long-term impact of your narrative. AdlerBrinkley has significant relationships with top tier broadcast, print and online journalists, business journalists and niche market journalists. We know how to skillfully shape and deliver your narrative to media platforms because we are highly-experienced former journalists.  We apply journalistic rules to all communications.  In addition to decades of TV, print, online and radio experience, we are also ghostwriters of social media campaigns, op-eds, non-fiction books and marketing scripts.  We are savvy writers and communicators, influencing media influencers by controlling and expertly delivering your on-message narrative.   


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